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Machine Control IMC 500/ 501

  • The machine control unit IMC 501 / IMC 500 offers an easy to learn handling system.
  • Machine operation is displayed well-structured on a 24” (IMC 501) / 18,5” (IMC 500) multi touch screen.
  • Open data interfaces OPC-UA, SQL, CSV
  • Ready for Industry 4.0 with the possibility to display all functions on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Modern and state-of-the-art soft- and hardware concept with a future proved layout, ready to perform for decades!
 machine imc501 web

 Customer benefits

  • Intuitive handling, easy to learn, with modern gesture control
  • Display on smartphone and tablet, BYOD – Bring Your Own Device
  • Future-proved software concept, state-of-the-art technology
  • Precise and extensive process documentation
  • Flexible user interface customizations
  • Stable and safe process structure thanks to HTTPS and OPC-UA
  • Easy integration of periphery
  • Open data interfaces OPC-UA, SQL, CSV
  • Comprehensive remote maintenance and networking possibilities

Technical Data

  • 24“ Full HD Multi touch screen for DL-A5
  • 18,6“ Full HD Multi touch screen for other machine series in the future
  • CPU Board Intel Celeron 1020E 2,2 GHz - Dual Core - Chipset HM76
  • SO-DIMM DDR3, 8192 Mbyte
  • 4x USB interfaces
  • CFast 32GB ROM
  • EUROMAP interfaces: 13, 14, 67, 70.2, 77
  • Future-proved thanks to open interfaces
  • 100% web standard (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript)
  • Best display results on various output devices
  • Open because of OPC UA - the upcoming EUROMAP standard
  • Possibility to provide data through traditional
  • SQL data bases or CSV spreadsheets


Operation & handling

Injection and clamping side are displayed at a glance. The virtual machine status bar shows all important details of the machine. Basic machine operation is always available in the lower area.



Clamping side

Closing movement with up to 10 adjustable positions, opening movement with up to 5 adjustable positions. Set value of position, force and velocity are visualized with graph axes.
Ejector movement is furnished with up to 3 positions. For secure demolding an oscillating jolt stroke feature is provided as standard.
Comfortable adjustment of the core pull on one side: The core pull status is displayed on the overview toolbar as well as on the core pull page.


Injection side

Injection movement with up to 10 adjustable positions, holding pressure phase with up to 4 activatable time profiles. Well-structured input of set and tolerance values for single barrel heating zones, the actual temperature is indicated with colored bars.


Various helpful tools

For an optimized injection molding process the controller has a cycle time display. The actual value graphic display shows important process information at a glance. The quality table can be used to evaluate various machine and process parameters. Up to 12 machine parameters can be monitored. The last 1.000 values are displayed.

9cycle analyzer10axis trace11SPC table


Documentation & diagnosis

User manual for machine & machine control unit including electrical plan are available directly on the machine. The IMC 500 offers the possibility to implement your own quality-, test-, process documentation. The log function logs every set value modification. Next to the logged-in user also the time stamp is documented. The diagnosis manager shows I/O channels, oscilloscope function and an axis error list.




Handling systems and other periphery equipment is linked to the machine via Euromap interface and fully displayed and data stored in the machine control. With the envelope curve monitoring the tolerance of characteristic injection parameters can be monitored. The energy display shows the actual energy consumption (drive and heating capacity) selected per hour, per shot and per shot weight.

15robot integration16envelope curve17energy consumption



 Subject to technical alterations, errors, misprint and typographical failures.

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