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DL A5 series

Servo hydraulic two platen technology

  • Two-platen plastic injection moulding machine series developed in Austria
  • Energy-efficient servo hydraulic drive with European components
  • The machines with two-platen technology are equipped with controls by B&R
  • Very broad range of clamping forces from 4500 to 43000 kN

DL450A5 produkteDL450A5

New energy concept „developed in Europe“

DL-A5-machines are serially equipped with a servo hydraulic drive unit. This permits a very low energy consumption, since this servo hydraulic power is only called on demand.

The DL650A5, a hydraulic two-platen machine with a clamping force of 6500 kN, for example, has a dry-running time of less than 3 seconds. According to the EUROMAP 60.1 measurement, the energy efficiency coefficient is given as 8.

Energy efficiency has clearly been improved by hydraulic elements placed very close to the injection cylinder and servo pumps placed right by the oil tank. This arrangement reduces power demand by minimising power loss.

The hydraulic system is easily accessible for service tasks and thus very maintenance-friendly.


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Comparison of energy consumption

Conventional pump system vs. WOOJIN PLAIMM servo pump system
dl a5 energy saving en


Powerful double cylinder injection unit

The injection units are moved by powerful double cylinders with linear guided supports. They ensure quick, precisely positioned and accurate movements. They are supplemented by pull double cylinders for applying the nozzle tip to the mould. Many volumes are available as injection units, ranging from 1278 cm³ to 71675 cm³. The bandwidth of injection rates ranges from 407 cm³/s to 3290 cm³/s.

Optionally, special screw concepts or specially hardened screws for particularly abrasive or corrosive materials can be used.


Fast and efficient clamping concept

An efficient two-platen clamping system ensures powerful and dosed movements of the clamping mechanism. Based on strong linear guidance of the moving platen, it permits quick opening and closing in the cycle. Position measuring systems record the current position of movement along the moving platen continually.

The FEM-calculated tie bar design ensures a fast synchronized locking. The Design of the platens - also developped by using FEM - ensures best platen parallelism. Generous mold clamping sizes by large tie bar distances and an automatic tie bar retraction device complete the concept of the series. 


Automatic tie bar retraction device for large molds

The DL-A5 series has an optional automatic tie bar retraction device for special mold concepts. This permits the installation of over-sized and very large molds as well. The automated tie bar retraction system with FEM-optimised tie bars is guided by an integrated frame stably and precisely positioned.

Flexible arrangement of the tie bar retraction device

The tie bar retraction device can be arranged either at the rear side of the machine or the operator's side.

DLA5 Automatische Holmziehvorrichtung
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  • DL-A5 series

    Servohydraulic two platen premium class

    Developed and designed in Austria

    Compact design and high energy efficiency

    Automatic swivelling unit up to IH 11900

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  • TH-A5 series

    • Horizontal hydraulic toggle machine

    • 1300 bis 4800 kN Clamping force

    • Injection unit IH170 up to IH2900

    • European technology, built in South Korea

    • Hydraulic Servodrive System

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  • TE-A5 series

    • Horizontal fully electric toggle machine

    • 1100 bis 8500 kN Clamping force

    • Injection unit of IE260 up to IE8000

    • Hydraulic nozzle pressure

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  • VHA-RS series

    Vertical injection molding machine

    Automatic swivelling injection unit

    Small footprint and ergonomic working height

    High precision energy saving servo motor drive

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