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We offer support for our customers in commissioning of new products and moulds and will also gladly convert existing machines for new technologies and production methods.

Remote maintenance

The remote maintenance system of B&R enables us to support you as quickly as possible with secure remote maintenance and diagnosis.

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Quick spare parts supply

Woojin Plaimm maintains a comprehensive spare parts storage at the centre of Europe, in which components from European suppliers, as well as spare parts from our Korean headquarters, are kept. Our spare parts stocks enable us to deliver to our European customers within 24 hours. Quick supply with spare parts ensures successful production processes. Therefore, we cooperate with international forwarders and courier services that ensure quick deliveries.

Preventive service and calibration

Preventive maintenance is an important aspect for service lives and quality. We gladly support our customers in this by considering their needs in the best manner and helping them save money in the long run by professional service. If possible, comprehensive maintenance should take place every year or, optimally, every half year. The items named above provide a brief idea of our service range.

The following items will be processed in detail by our team during a service deployment:
• Levelling
• Leaks
• Hydraulics
• Safety devices
• Clamping unit
• Injection unit
• Cylinder heating
• Electronic equipment
• Control
• Calibration

Our meters also enable us to offer documented calibrations for all common quality certifications. The basic parameters (temperature, pressure, paths and forces) are serviced and reconciled there. This measure optimises performance of the corresponding system and leads to some benefits, such as repeat accuracy in processes and the resulting savings of time, energy and raw material.

  • DL-A5 series

    Servohydraulic two platen premium class

    Developed and designed in Austria

    Compact design and high energy efficiency

    Automatic swivelling unit up to IH 11900

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  • TH-A5 series

    • Horizontal hydraulic toggle machine

    • 1300 bis 4800 kN Clamping force

    • Injection unit IH170 up to IH2900

    • European technology, built in South Korea

    • Hydraulic Servodrive System

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  • TE-A5 series

    • Horizontal fully electric toggle machine

    • 1100 bis 8500 kN Clamping force

    • Injection unit of IE260 up to IE8000

    • Hydraulic nozzle pressure

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  • VHA-RS series

    Vertical injection molding machine

    Automatic swivelling injection unit

    Small footprint and ergonomic working height

    High precision energy saving servo motor drive

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